Friday, September 26, 2008

City of Naantali

As we left Turku, we decided to stop off at Naantali, a quaint town with lots of old architecture and plenty of character. Above is the cathedral.

The cathedral in the distance. Like nearly every place in Finland, there's water and a harbor. A lot of wealthier people sail boats here during the warmer months.

Even though it was cold, we had to stop off at a snack booth for an ice cream treat!

The Naantali cemetery. Once again, my creative juices were flowing. It looked like the classic graveyard, with plenty of stories behind it.

Mom and Dad walking along the harbor. Bright-colored flowers like the red ones here were everywhere. Many streets were barely wide enough for a single car to drive down, and the houses were quaint cottages, authentic buildings with bright colors and personalities.

It was a fun stop, even if we did have trouble trying to find a place to park!

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