Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Night with Katri & Antti

First things first: As part of school picture day in Finland, we had the option of paying a little more for a "kaverikuva," or a "chum" or "pal" picture. Katri and I did that twice, and here's the shot from 1985, when we were eleven:

Kaverikuva revisited, 23 years later:

During our trip back, seeing Katri once wasn't enough; we had to spend more time to together. She and her boyfriend, Antti, were generous enough to invite me and Rob over for dinner.

We had a great time talking and eating and just spending the evening together, talking books and music, catching up, and having a great time. One delightful discovery was a chess clock sitting atop the bookshelf: the same one Katri and I used when playing chess way back when!

(I'm still thinking I need to ask Katri for the recipes she served us . . . although, um, anyone know where I can get pike perch in Utah? Man, it was good.).

After dinner, Katri took me and Rob on a walk through her neighborhood while Antti went to get a car. It was a gorgeous area.

Katri showed us this piece of, er, art. It's auditory art, I guess. It's got a recording of announcements from the airport that come out of a drain. It's titled, "But I'm leaving."

Okay, then . . .

Here we are acting eleven again at Karhupuisto ("Bear Park," as evidenced by the statue).

The Kallio church as visible from Karhupuisto.

Antti picked us up at the park and drove us to back to Espoo, where my parents met us outside the patron housing (the yellow building on the right) and showed Katri and Antti around the temple grounds (in the background).

One of my favorite pictures from our trip: Katri and Antti in front of the temple.

They're such a great couple, and I'm so glad that I got to meet Antti and get reacquainted with Katri!

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