Friday, September 26, 2008

Turku City

One of the places outside Helsinki I had to see again was Turku, which was a place Rob had read about in a Finnish guide book and also wanted to see.

It's one of the older cities of Finland, as it was the capital before Helsinki was. It's so pretty.

One of the first places we walked to was the outdoor market, or tori.

We walked around the city quite a bit.

Above is one of the more modern building in Turku, the new library.

On our way to see the cathedral in the distance.

The Turku Cathedral houses the first Bible written in Finnish. (Didn't get to see that, however.) Several military figures are buried there, and the building has a lot of beautiful stained glass and murals. As a worship service was going on at the time, we couldn't take pictures inside.

For some bizarre reason, the usually blue and pretty river was brown. We're guessing it was due to construction upstream. But the sides of the river were still beautiful!

There's a separate post about the biggest attraction we visited in Turku: the castle there, Turunlinna (which I suppose is redundant, as it means, "Turku's castle").

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Kirk L. Shaw said...

The Turku Cathedral has that great European "church fortress" look. Reminds me of one castle particularly from Hungary.